about me

In February 2008, I've started to work in Switzerland as Software Engineer. The year before, I travelled through Australia and New Zealand.

In 2006 I've finished my diploma thesis: After 3.5 years of studying at WH-Zwickau, I've started writing my diploma thesis in the Bioseparation Group at the Institute of Biotechnology 2 at Research Centre Juelich. Subsequent I continued working on my project as scientific assistent for four months.

I got my A-levels at the former Staatliche Gymnasium Schmölln (now Roman-Herzog-Gymnasium). Afterwards I did my civilian service at Regenbogenschule Altenburg (a school for mentally and phyisically disabled children), which was a great time with the children and the other "Zivis".

Besides programming and other computer stuff, I cycle, play Badminton, read a lot and watch good movies (see media library). Currently I keep me busy with the Boost-Library, concentrate on the continuation of my MPI tutorial and try out some thoughts from the input, related to the huge time I've had in Australia.

You can contact me via