From December 2006 till November 2007 I've spent a gap year in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. I've documented my journey in my BLOG (German), but you can have a look at some pictures in the gallery. You can follow my route on following map:

On 13th December I arrived in Sydney, where I've stayed over Christmas and New Years Eve. Next, I went to Griffith by bus to earn money with fruit picking. Six weeks later I went to Adelaide. One week later I arrived with the Indian Pacific in Perth. In Fremantle near Perth I stayed my second longest time. I worked as gardener and did house sitting. On 19th May I began to travel with Mars and Sarah in their van along the coast. After seven amazing weeks we finally arrived in Darwin. There, I got a job at Darwin Turf Club. After the Darwin Cup Carnival a job as baker in an aboriginal community was offered to me and I accepted immediatelly. The four weeks went very quickly and that job was a good experience. Back in Darwin I prepared my trip to Melbourne. With the Ghan I travelled to Alice Springs first. I'v visited Hermannsburg and Finke Gorge National Park and of course Uluru and around. In Coober Pedy I've had a stop over before I arrived in Adelaide again. There I had to wait for my next bus to depart. Though, I arrived in Melbourne the following day. And, because of the cold weather, I got a cold. After six days I left Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand. There I hired a van with Frieder, a german guy travelling around the world, for 16 days. We travelled around the south of the south island. From Christchurch I went to Wellington by train and ferry. I celebrated Guy-Fawkes-Day and took part in a Lord-of-the-rings tour. Via New Plymouth, where I visited a friend, who I know from Juelich, I went straight to Auckland by bus. After one week in Auckland I flew back to Sydney and seven days later back home.